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Hey guys, I'm new, and I discovered this community in a ridiculously roundabout fashion - through Greebo, of all things.

Anyway, there doesn't seem to have been a Hornblower post yet, so I figure I'll provide.

For those who don't know about it, the series was written by CS Forester, who did a bit of a DNA and left us with a half-book, but that's okay because he got the beginning, middle and end down.

A&E made a miniseries of it, starring Ioan Gruffud, which is pretty cool. I'm mostly talking about that here, for the books try navalchronicle.

It's set in the earl 1800s, British Navy. The hero of the story is Horatio Hornblower, a born commander with (in the books, at least) terrible self esteem. Both the books and the movies do a great job of portraying the way people follow him, because he's just one of those people. His ideas are contagious, and people grow fond of him. The Boys is mostly him and William Bush, his best friend and first lieutenant, although in the movies we have the addition of the adorable Archie Kennedy, and the trio are so very, very fangirlable.

Stop! Screencap time!

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This is Horatio.
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This is Archie and Bush, from left to right.
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The Boys.
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Bush: No, wait, guys, we're not going to jump, I mean it, seriously, AAAAH I CAN'T SWIIIIM.
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And The Boys.
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HH gets caught taking a shower in front of the water-pump.
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The Boys.

There's all these lovely scenes that show how much they care for each other. a scene where Hornblower's been punished by the crazy captain and not allowed to sleep for about 32 hours in a row, and when the captain's unconscious for plot reasons Horatio falls asleep on a pile of ropes, and Bush is all like "Let him sleep, he needs it." And when H gets volunteered to go blow up the fortress (probably being sent to his death) the other two both volunteer to go with him. They're not allowed to, though, and as H starts off towards the fort Bush is about to touch his shoulder, but he runs off too fast. I'm not going to spoil the ending but just *awww*.

Oh, and gen fic can be found at as well as general fandom.
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