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I have found something to pimp yey.

Title: Five Facts Ando Learned as Part of His Epic Quest to Help Save the World (and Possibly a Cheerleader or Two)
Fandom: Heroes
Characters: Ando&Hiro, Nathan&Peter, Hiro&Nathan
Rating: PG
Notes: I love this fic with a great love. It's an exploration of parallel relationships in a world going, if not actually mad, then at least severely neurotic. It's about dreamers and practicality, the "special" and the "unspecial", and the serious danger of death. It is awesome. Anyone who has the faintest idea what Heroes is about should read it immediately.
Quote: There are questions that you should never have to ask yourself. For example, Ando has found himself wondering if he could ever kill someone to save millions of lives. He thinks the answer is probably no. He just couldn’t take the responsibility. If you had asked him a month ago, he would say that Hiro couldn’t do it either. But things have changed and now Ando finds himself contemplating an even more disturbing question: What wouldn’t Hiro do to save millions of lives?
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