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More Than Lovers

"We are nearer than lovers..."
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They are more to me than life, these voices, they are more than motherliness and more than fear; they are the strongest, most comforting thing there is anywhere: they are the voices of my comrades.
I am no longer a shuddering speck of existence, alone in the darkness;- I belong to them and they to me; we all share the same fear and the same life, we are nearer than lovers, in a simpler, a harder way...

-from All Quiet on the Western Front, by Erich Maria Remarque

This is a community for talking about any really cool platonic relationship that you have loved in your fiction. All fandoms are welcome. So is any kind of talking about the relationships, though fic recs are especially encouraged- friendship fics are often buried under all the slash, and if this makes them a little easier to find, then I have Actually Accomplished Something.

1. Friendship first. This is not a slash community. I personally like slash, but you can get it anywhere and everywhere these days and we need a place for other things.
2. Play nice. There's to be no flaming, harassment, wank, or any of those things you all already know you shouldn't be doing. This includes things like including proper warnings in your recs, because nobody likes to be surprised with, say, a deathfic, if they can't stand those.
3. Stay on topic. The definition of "topic" is flexible, but I do like the posts to be in some way, shape, form, or nebulous parallel relevant to the subject of fictional buddies or the community itself.